I’ve been shopping at your store (PlusbyDesign.com) for a very long time and happy and honored to still be a satisfied patron of your store. You go out of your way to make sure every order is shipped on a timely basis. If problems crop up they are rectified in a timely and friendly manner. Thanks so much for everything- and may 2015 bring you much success and happiness.
— Kathy of Columbus, OH

“I have traveled all over the world with my Vikki Vi® wardrobe, nothing wrinkles, bags or sags and it is all low maintenance…I am always well dressed and confident in my clothing. Being a plus size, clothing that makes you feel good about yourself is worth its weight in gold. I love this line of clothing and hope they continue to manufacture it for a long time.”

-Pat in New Jersey

“I have been a loyal fan of Vikki Vi® since they hit the market. I was doing a tremendous amount of traveling for business at that time and the material was ideal for travel. In addition, the basic blacks and wonderful chic patterns were perfect for business…I love Vikki Vi® and recommend it to all of my friends.”

-Deanna in Middlesex, New Jersey

“In this time of financial challenges, the Vikki Vi® line is the answer. The pieces are reasonably priced, durable, flattering and very comfortable… No more dry cleaning! …the service is excellent, reliable and personalized.

-A Very Satisfied Customer, Honolulu, Hawaii

“The clothing is easy to care for – wash and go, no ironing. It lasts forever – good for me, maybe not so good for the merchant. In short, a good value over the long term. The clothes are also quite consistently sized. Once I knew the right size for me I have been able to continue to order them online and know that my new clothes will fit.”

-Karen of Portland, Oregon